On-site Visits

We can visit any local location to draw out the design for preparation of a layout. We use several tools accomplish our measurements.

What we measure:
• Height, Length & Width.
• Obstacles, Machinery
• Walls & Windows
• Paths & Doorways
• Existing Lighting (if applicable)
• Racking
• Joist and Beam Support
• and more...

Full Detailed Designs

With our layout design we can create a detailed high definition drawing in DWG, PDF and any image type you like.

Our designs can detail any of the following:
• Measurements
• Full Color Objects
• Footcandle or Lumen Levels by Points 
• Lighting Average, Max Min etc.
• Existing Lighting (if applicable)
• Complete Grid Patterns
• Emergency Lighting Locations
• and more...


With all of our layouts we can offer a rendering page that gives your clients a easy to understand view of the design. Typically most can't really read a raw design file in it's design view so we like to offer our rendering which shows a 3D view of the model. 

Our rendering models can:
• Any Angle Picture.
• Include or Exclude Light Readings in Points
• Video Animated Views
• Fixture Location
• Emergency Lighting Locations
• Textured or Default Surfaces
• and more...


With our designs we can compile all of our work into a complete PDF that organizes all information in a fully customized report for you. 

Reports can include:
• Your Logo and Company Info
• Rendering Images
• Viewport of Design
• Fixture Details and Quantities
• Lighting Levels
• High Definition Detail for Zoom-in 
• and more...

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